Company formation in Ireland for Non-Irish Businesses

Your doorway to work in Europe and increase your business

Effortless company formation in Ireland including post formation Accounts, Tax and Secretarial affairs management

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Benefits of Forming Company in Ireland

Access to Europe

Do business, provide services to customers in Europe and avail benefits of Euro zone

Reduced Taxes

Reduced corporate taxes of upto 12.5% on profits. Repatriate more, worry less

Setup in Days

Company formation in a weeks time with a minimum paid-up capital of EUR 100

Setting Up Limited Company in Ireland

Living outside of Europe and thinking of serving businesses in Ireland? Euro Axiom can help you in setting up your Limited Liability company in Ireland.

Our experts are proficient in all aspects of company formation in Ireland and can help you in formation regardless of where you live. The hallmark of our services being reliable and quick delivery.

In addition, our dedicated company secretary service and registered corporate address facility can help you free up your mind from all legal formalities and focus more on your business growth.  

Not just this, we have a team of experts who can also help in post company formation support including Accounts management, Tax management and corporate affairs management. Using state of the art software, you will have real time access to your company accounts. 

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Local Presence in Ireland

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of companies can be formed?

Private Limited Company

Majority of companies formed in Ireland today are Private Limited Companies. In this type of company, your liability is limited to the assets of the company.

Public Limited Company

A public limited company must have a minimum of 7 shareholders. Their liability is limited to the amount of shares they hold. The nominal value of the company’s allotted share capital must not be less than €38,092.14, at least 25% of which must be fully paid up before the company starts its operations.

Single Member Company

A single member company is a private company limited by shares which is incorporated with one member, or whose membership is reduced to one person. However, the company must have at least two directors and a secretary. 

Company limited by guarantee not having a share capital

A Company limited by guarantee not having a share capital: As this is a public company, there must be a minimum of seven members. The members’ liability is limited to the amount they have undertaken to contribute to the assets of the company.

Company limited by guarantee having a share capital

The members have liability under two headings; firstly, the amount, if any, that is unpaid on the shares they hold, and secondly, the amount they have undertaken to contribute to the assets of the company, in the event that it is wound up.

Unlimited Company

In an unlimited company, there is no limit placed on the liability of the members

How do I know whether the name of the company is available or not? 

Unlike auto name check software being used by some companies, we will check name availability through proper channel to ensure that the name is actually available. This activity is part of our package of company formation. Submit your request for the name you want for the company and we will let you know whether its available or not. A refused name can delay the over process of company formation by upto a month.

Company office fee is EUR 100, this fee is part of our package.

How long does it take to form a company?

This can vary based on scenarios but typically a company formation takes less than a week.